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Civil Surgeons work with Immigrant, Refugee and Asylee Clients Throughout the United States (Civil Surgeon Receives High Referral rate by Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys)

N-648 Waivers

Crown Medical psychologist is able to assist you and your loved ones in the effective and efficient completion of your Form N-648 (Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions) when we determine that you qualify for a waiver. This is a tedious and time consuming exercise, however Crown Medical's clinical psychologist and Civil surgeons are highly competent in N-648 Form preparation and processing, to assure you the best outcome. 

It is important to note that if the Form N648 was not properly completed, this may jeopardize or delay your citizenship application process. Allowing us to prepare and process your Form N-648 will ensure that your citizenship process is not delayed or jeopardized.

As a part of the application process for United States Citizenship, prospective applicants are required to successfully complete an examination that demonstrates their proficiency both in English language, and knowledge of United States government, as well as civic  history.

Some elderly Immigrants, such as those who are disabled or illiterate immigrants from non-English speaking countries, are particularly disadvantaged with regard to this test. Such disadvantage results in high incidences among this group of people being unable to pass this simple test. If any immigrant has a disabling physical, psychological or medical condition that forbids them from competing and performing at their optimum in these citizenship proficiency tests, the law provides that they qualify for a waiver from being tested.   

Additionally, if you have been on medical assistance or receiving SSI assistance or any other kind of monetary support from the government and you have lived in the United States legally for the past seven years since 1996, but not yet a US citizen, you are mandated to take the naturalization examination that can put you on the path to citizenship. However, if you are unable to take the naturalization examination, because of medical, psychological or physical disability, talk to one of our Crown Medical Civil Surgeon's, because you may need to have Form N-648 completed for you, on your behalf.  

We have an excellent track record of successful completion and acceptance of Forms N-648 by the immigration officials if you qualify for the waiver. In your initial office visit at Crown Medical Center, we will evaluate to determine whether or not, you qualify under the category of persons who can benefit from the waiver.

Several office visits may be required for N-648 exercise. Our services will include a full and comprehensive medical and psychological examination and evaluation by our primary care physician, who is also a civil surgeon and our clinical psychologist. The cost for this service varies depending on the extent of medical and psychological services to be rendered. On the average we consider our services and charges very competitive.

We have a team of diverse work force who will work  with  you and your family to assure success.

Emergency Assistance

Oftentimes, when immigrants invite relatives to the United States, they must sign documents stating that they will be responsible for all upkeep including medical expenses.  Unforeseen circumstances including illness in a new country however, can put a  lot of strain on individuals.

It is important that your loved ones receive appropriate care in a new country without jeopardizing your financial future.

The United States government provides medical coverage which your loved ones are eligible to receive. Our program can help you access these services for a small fee. 

Other services we offer include: assisting the individual access resources for affordable housing; connecting individuals to legal aid services, and referral to medical professional services such as to chiropractors, acupuncture, and physical therapy.  

Our clinical psychologist will offer services in stress management and relaxation skills, self esteem enhancement sessions and skills building.

We do our best to assist individuals at a "cross-road" in their lives attain some degree of stability.