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Civil Surgeons work with Immigrant, Refugee and Asylee Clients Throughout the United States (Civil Surgeon Receives High Referral rate by Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys)

Civil Surgeon - Definition

A Civil surgeon is a doctor, selected by the USCIS to conduct medical examinations of aliens in the United States who are applying for adjustment of status to permanent residence, or who are required by the USCIS to have a medical examination. Civil surgeons are not synonymous with panel physicians. Civil surgeons provide medical exams within the U.S. while panel physicians perform exams outside the U.S.

How Civil Surgeons at Crown Medical Assists Clients

At Crown Medical Center our Civil surgeons, Clinical Psychologists and other professional staff members provide services to the client's entire family to assure a superior immigration experience. In addition to complete civil surgeon examinations and vaccinations, we assist with proper INS forms completion, medical waivers, emergency medical assistance, travel clinic services and more. We strive to insure that all immigration-related forms are completed properly and submitted timely, and that examinations are thorough and concise. See our Civil surgeon FAQ and Resource pages for additional information.

Full medical examinations include blood-work; vaccinations; and x-ray services. Pre-registration forms can be downloaded from our website for your scheduled office visit at either of our Minneapolis or Brooklyn Park offices prior to your scheduled civil surgeon appointment. Our staff will be happy to assist with the downloading and completion of forms upon request.


Civil Surgeon Websites

Crown Medical Center has separate sites for it's Civil surgeon, Travel Clinic, and Vaccination Clinic. These sites are primarily useful to International Travelers and Immigrants. If you or someone you know anticipates traveling abroad, or recently have entered the United States, please visit one of Crown Medical Center's Travel Clinics for information about what to do next.  You may make an appointment by following this link.

Recently, The Crown Medical Centers have added a Phlebotomy School that also has a separate website at

Crown Medical Center Phlebotomy School -