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Civil Surgeon
Crown Medical Center

South office 612-871-4354
North office 763 566 4354

Civil Surgeons work with Immigrant, Refugee and Asylee Clients Throughout the United States (Civil Surgeon Receives High Referral rate by Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys)

Civil Surgeon Offices

Civil Surgeons are available to you at the Crown Medical Center office locations that are conveniently situated within South Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Call for an appointment with one of our Civil Surgeons.

South Clinic:
Phone:  612-871-4354Crown Medical Center South

1925 1st Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55403

North Clinic:
Phone: 763-566-5435Crown Medical Center North

7001 78th Avenue N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

The Crown Medical Centers are open to anyone needing medical care. We have two fully staffed family medical centers, and a variety of specialty services including immigration, international travel and vaccination services to serve our patients, as well as a medical weight loss clinic